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Why To Book Sky Helix Sentosa Tickets?

Book your Sky Helix Sentosa tickets online with us to avoid standing in long queues and missing out on the opportunity to experience the ride. You can book an open-dated ticket and schedule a desired time slot to go on the ride. We offer great deals and discounts on the ticket price to make your trip even more valuable. You can avail an e-voucher along with the tickets which should be shown at the entrance. With the Sky Helix Sentosa tickets, you get access to the ride as well as the choice to buy either a beverage or a souvenir for free. You can also book combo packages to avail lunch or dinner at a restaurant near Sky Helix with a huge discount or to take a trip on Singapore Cable Car.

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Overview Of SkyHelix Sentosa

Sky Helix is a brand new addition to the list of Singapore’s tourist attractions that has lured thousands of travellers in the past year. Sky Helix Sentosa is an open-air gondola ride that soars to a great height and offers magnificent views of Sentosa Island and its neighbourhood. It is Singapore’s highest gondola ride and the city’s tallest vantage point which goes up to 35 metres above ground level. Since the structure is highly elevated, it can be seen from anywhere afar. Get on the gondola and fasten your seat belts to embark on a unique and thrilling experience of a lifetime and behold the amazing view from the top.

The Sentosa Sky Helix is a 12-minute ride including the time taken to go up and down. The gondola slowly spins around the central vertical helix while ascending to the top thus providing a panoramic view of the surroundings. It stops on reaching the top point and gently rotates for ten minutes so that guests can witness and marvel at the beauty of Singapore. You can see the southern coast of Singapore around Harbourfront and the Singapore Strait connecting to Sentosa Island. If you visit Sky Helix Singapore at dusk, you can see the ride ornamented with colourful lights.

SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets options

SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets

SkyHelix Sentosa tickets include admission to the ride and a choice to choose either a standard non-alcoholic beverage or a souvenir on the ride. Get seated on Sky Helix Sentosa to reach Singapore’s highest vantage point and sport a 360o view of Sentosa and Southern Islands. The ride slowly rotates and reaches a height of 35 metres above the ground level. Enjoy a delightful 12 minutes and witness the enchanting skyline of Singapore. If you go during the evening hours, you can watch the sunset and the ride decorated in bright LED lights. You can either buy a beverage from the snack bar or a souvenir for free using the SkyHelix Sentosa tickets.

SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

SkyHelix Sentosa and Sentosa Dining Pass combo package includes entry to the Sky Helix ride and a dining pass to avail lunch or dinner. Hop on the gondola and enjoy a slow spinning ride along the helix to the top and witness a splendid bird’s-eye view of the surrounding areas. After the ride, you can use the dining pass and dine at any of the seven restaurants at Sentosa for lunch or dinner. Gorge on delectable food at the Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro or enjoy a tasty French cuisine at Le Faubourg and get a whopping discount on your meal using the dining pass.

Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass

Make the best of your trip to Singapore with the round-trip Singapore Cable Car + SkyHelix Sentosa + Sentosa Dining Pass combo package. Start your trip with an exciting cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa and enjoy an aerial view of the beauty of Singapore. On reaching Sentosa, take a ride on the Sky Helix Sentosa and ascend to 79 metres above sea level. Behold an enthralling view of Sentosa and Southern Islands as you stay in the air for 10 minutes overlooking the surroundings. Use the Sentosa Dining Pass and avail lunch or dinner at one of the seven specified restaurants with a huge discount.

Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass + SkyHelix Sentosa

Enjoy a fun-filled day experiencing a ride in the middle of the air with the Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass + SkyHelix Sentosa combo package. Go on an open-air gondola ride at the Sentosa Sky Helix and witness an enchanting sight of the entire stretch of Sentosa Island. The Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass includes a round-trip ticket for the cable car ride in both Mount Faber and Sentosa lines. Move along the Mount Faber Line and spot Singapore’s major landmarks like Central Business District, Keppel Harbour, Adventure Cove Waterpark and Singapore Cruise Terminal. On the Sentosa Line, you can see Skyline Luge, Skylift and the beach.

Advantage of Booking SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets Online

Sky Helix tickets can be purchased directly from the ticket counter at the venue entrance. However, we recommend booking Sky Helix Sentosa tickets online for various benefits. Since Sky Helix is a renowned attraction that has been opened recently, it is possible that the tickets sell like hotcakes. While purchasing tickets online, you can book the tickets in advance, select a dated or open-dated ticket as per convenience and reserve your time slot for the ride. Standing in long queues at the ticket counter under hot sun could be exhausting and dizzying.

  • Quit Standing in Long Queue: Being a new tourist spot, it is highly probable that Sky Helix Singapore attracts a huge number of people. This means you will have to stand for a long time waiting in lines. Alternatively, you can buy or book your tickets online which will give you access to skip the queues.
  • Advance and Confirm Booking: SkyHelix is a popular attraction in Singapore that is often crowded by locals and tourists. Hence, there is a great possibility of running out of tickets after reaching the activity location. Book your Sentosa Sky Helix tickets in advance to secure your slot and avoid standing in long queues at the entrance.
  • Enjoy Convenience and Ease: The best thing about booking tickets online is that you can book tickets from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. It is not required to go directly to the activity location to buy tickets. So, you can enjoy great convenience and ease while purchasing tickets online.
  • Explore Best Deals and Discounts: While booking tickets online, you can avail of exclusive discounts and offers that are not given with tickets bought at the counter. These cash-back credits and rewards make your trip even more enjoyable as you get the benefit of rate cuts and freebies.

Know Before You Book SkyHelix Sentosa Tickets

Essential Information
  • Enjoy a memorable and thrilling open-air scenic ride on the Sky Helix Singapore and snap a gorgeous spectacle of the surroundings.
  • Rejoice drifting higher in the air and witness a captivating panoramic view of the entire city of Singapore and Sentosa Island.
  • Feel the wind blow against your face and feet dangling in mid-air as you hover for 12 minutes at 79 metres above sea level.
  • Capture a breathtaking view of the sunset and witness the ride being embellished with colourful LED lights after dusk to offer a remarkable view of the Singapore skyline.
  • Click pretty pictures of the lush green environment, lively tourist crowds and the illuminated skyline from the top.
  • Enhance your ride experience with a light snack or a chilled beverage from the Snack Bar of Sky Helix Sentosa.
  • Dine at Dusk Restaurant and Bar at Mount Faber to devour a delicious and special cocktail beverage made particularly for the guests of SkyHelix.

Operating time:Sunday to Monday – 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Best Time to VisitThe best time to visit Sky Helix Sentosa is during the evening when the activity location is less crowded and the view from the top is amazing. Visit SkyHelix between 5 PM and 7 PM so that it is not too hot and you can witness the magical sunset scene. The ride is adorned with glittering LED lights after sunset and looks stunning.

Location: 41 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099707

How to reach

  • By cable car: Board the Singapore Cable Car on Mount Faber Line and get down at Sentosa Station. Walk to the SkyHelix which is located right out of the station in front of the gift shop.
  • By Car: Drive to Imbiah Lookout and park your car ahead of Skyline Luge next to Madame Tussauds and walk to SkyHelix from the parking lot in less than a minute.
  • Guests below 1.05 metres in height are not permitted on Sentosa SkyHelix. Children between 1.05 metres and 1.2 metres tall or kids below 12 years of age should be accompanied by an adult.
  • The ride is not suitable for pregnant ladies, people who are scared of heights and people who are differently abled.
  • Guests who are unwell or those who have existing medical issues like motion sickness and vertigo should refrain from getting on SkyHelix Singapore.
  • Animals and pets are not allowed on the ride.
  • Loose clothing and handheld devices like mobiles and selfie sticks can be taken on the ride but should be properly secured.
  • Outside food and beverages, hats, umbrellas and items made of glass are not allowed on the SkyHelix ride.
  • Due to safety reasons, guests who are unable to fasten their seat belts may be turned away from the ride. A test seat is available at the activity location for guests who wish to try.
  • If you have bought an open dated ticket, mail the authorities at SkyHelix to schedule a time slot according to your convenience. In case you have a dated ticket, you can simply show up at the mentioned time and get on the ride.
  • If it rains, you will be given two options to either select an open dated ticket or change your reservation to a dated ticket.

Other Things To Do Near SkyHelix Sentosa

Singapore Cable Car

Singapore Cable Car is an aerial tram that offers a panoramic view of the city from 100 metres above the sea level. These colourful cable cars dot Singapore’s illuminated skyline and bestow the visitors with a unique experience. You will get to witness the lush green beauty of the Singapore city that is forever bustling with chaotic crowds as you glide along the ropeway in mid-air. You can also spot the city’s finest infrastructure, picturesque beaches and all of its attractions. There are two cable car lines- Mount Faber Line that connects the mainland of Singapore to Sentosa and the intra-island Sentosa Line that runs along the length of the island. Hop on a cable car on the Mount Faber Line to enjoy a spectacular view of the rainforests and hilltops as you move from Singapore to Sentosa. Get on the Sentosa Line cable car to witness a breathtaking view of the sandy beaches and dynamic lifestyle of Sentosa Island.

Wings of Time

Wings of Time is a magnificent award-winning night show featuring laser lights, fire, water and 3D effects that groove in rhythm to the majestic background music. The show uses advanced Sparkular machines to create pyrotechnics effects to tell a story about friendship, courage and mystery. The tale is about Shahbaz, a prehistoric mythical bird that travels through different time periods and landscapes along with its human friends Rachel and Felix. The Wings of Time is hosted in an open-air venue overlooking the Siloso Sea which is a delightful environment to spend time with family and friends. The colourful lights and water fountains used to depict Shahbaz and its journey through Mayan Pyramids and Eastern Trade Route is a visual treat that enthral the audience and keep them engaged at the edge of their seats until the end. The show ends with a grand and vibrant display of fireworks.

Mount Faber Peak

Surrounded by lush green vegetation, Mount Faber Peak is the only hilltop destination in Singapore. It is situated 100 metres above the sea level and offers a refreshing respite amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Mount Faber Peak is the most sought after location by the tourists who prefer staying close to nature. The entire hill is covered by verdant rainforests that add to the charm of the place. There are several activities you can indulge in at the Mount Faber peak like trekking, bird watching, guided tours and sightseeing. You can hike up to Faber Point to view the famous wall covered with murals that portray the ancient history of Singapore. If you love birds, you can get involved in bird watching at Mount Faber where you can spot 43 different varieties of birds. Mount Faber Peak is the home to Singapore Cable Car that has been an iconic symbol since 1974.


How long does the ride last?

One ride at Sky Helix Sentosa lasts for twelve minutes including the time taken to ascend and descend. The gondola stays at its top point for ten minutes so that the guests can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings and explore more adventurous things to do in Singapore.

What is the minimum age requirement?

There is no minimum age requirement to go on the Sentosa Sky Helix but the visitors must be at least 1.05 metres tall. Children between 1.05 metres and 1.2 metres or kids below 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

How long can I use the ticket to visit Sky Helix Sentosa?

Sky Helix Singapore redeemed tickets should be used on the day of redemption after which they become invalid. You may reserve the date and time of your visit while booking the tickets online but the visitors are allowed to enter the ride on a first-come first-serve basis. You can expect to wait for a considerable amount of time while standing in the queue to get on the ride.

What is the maximum number of guests per ride?

SkyHelix Sentosa can accommodate up to 16 people at once per ride. However, due to safety measures and social distancing norms, only 8 people are allowed per ride.

Will there be a place for guests to store their bags?

Yes, there are storage facilities available for guests to keep their bags and other items that they cannot bring on the SkyHelix. Guests are instructed to store heavy items in a cubby stand. Each seat number on the ride has its own corresponding shelf and hence there is no need to worry about running out of storage space.

Will food / snacks be served during the ride?

No, food and snacks are not served during the ride. You can collect snacks and beverages from the Snack Bar before getting on the ride. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the ride.


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