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Places to Visit Near Sky Helix Singapore

Sky Helix Sentosa is one of the most unique rides as it is in the shape of the helix and follows the ascending motion on a spiral path. This ride is an open-air ride taking you to the top of the skies to have a refreshing drink of your choice. After experiencing this ride, you can choose to visit a variety of Sky Helix nearby attractions. If your quest for mesmerizing views of Singapore’s skyline isn’t over with the helical ride, you can choose to board a cable car. The cable car possesses two paths that make you witness the modern city of Singapore or the lush greenery and incredible landscapes of Sentosa island from the top.

If you choose the Mount Faber line, you can choose to explore this mountain as it offers international views and the infamous statue of Merlion. Take a swim at the Palawan beach for ultimate relaxation and blissful sunset. If this isn’t enough for you, you can visit the water-based attractions of Adventure Cove Park and Hydro Dash. You can experience indoor skydiving at the infamous iFly Singapore and can choose to visit the Mega adventure park for ziplining and beautiful sightseeing. After all, you can choose to end your day with Singapore’s only permanent night show- “Wings of Time''.

Singapore Cable Car

Singapore cable car is one of the most popular Sky Helix nearby attractions that makes you explore Sentosa island offering an amazing skyline view of the city. The traditional journey by bus or car is not much impressive as compared to the sky-high exploration of the wonderful city which offers 360-degree views. There are mainly two routes, the Mount Faber Route and Sentosa Route, each featuring 3 unique stations. You will be able to witness all the popular attractions of Singapore city through the Mount Faber route including the SEA aquarium, and the Merlion statue along with the top views of the modern city of Singapore. The Sentosa line will make you witness the beauty of the lush island and its serene waters, along with the views of Mount Imbiah, Fort Siloso, sky luge tracks, and mega-adventure park.

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore is the most popular of all the Sky Helix nearby attractions, which was specially created for those who enjoy exciting activities. You may fly in the largest indoor controlled skydiving facility with this thrilling activity. By making you wait in a fake airplane with false boarding papers, you will jump off to begin your trip. iFly has created a psychological system to simulate the feeling of skydiving in real life as it makes you skydive through a five-story tunnel providing you thrill and fun. The winds whip up at a staggering 180 kmph, perfectly simulating the outdoor experience. The facilities of iFly make you learn professional skydiving through verified and experienced instructors.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Situated on the infamous adventure-activity island of Sentosa, this theme park offers South East Asia’s first hydro magnetic coaster, named Riptide Rocket. The infamous Adventure Cove Waterpark will make you experience the thrilling rides and slides and meet and greet with the enchanting marine animals. This kid-friendly long adventure will make you travel over the gardens, and tunnels through the popular adventure river. Enjoy the thrilling rides of Whirlpool washout, splash works, tidal twister, net maze, and pipeline plunge with your friends and family. You can end this adventurous journey by snorkeling alongside 20,000 tropical fish.

Wings of Time

Call the “Wings of Time” a tale of courage or companionship, this is one of the most popular and only permanent night shows in Singapore. The beautiful show begins every day at 07:30 PM and is lit by the 3D projector, displaying vibrant colors on the screen along with playing mesmerizing beats. Wings of time is a perfect way to relax after your adventurous day at Sentosa island. The show's current plot is centered on Shahbaz, a bird that lives in prehistoric periods but goes to the present with his friends Rachael and Felix.

Mount Faber Peak

Named after the colonial Captain Charles Edward Faber, Mount Faber has been historically a defense fort in Singapore. In 1974, the cable car started from Mount Faber, becoming the first attraction on the hill. It possesses Mount Faber park which makes you witness mesmerizing views from the top including lush greenery and the historic golden bell mansion along with the international views of Indonesia and Southern Malaysia. The Handerson bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge that connects Mount Faber Peak to Telok Blangah Hill Park. The infamous statue of one of the five mascots of Singapore- The “Merlion”, half lion-half fish stands strongly at Mount Faber Peak.


The first and only floating water park in Singapore, Hydrodash is a unique place to explore and have fun as it is the most explored Sky Helix nearby attraction. This water park offers you a complete family package of thrills in its floating obstacle course. You can splash, slide, jump, climb and bounce on the inflatable playgrounds of this unique water park attraction. Hydrodash is divided into 4 zones of obstacle courses, totally safe and suitable for all ages. The slippery obstacle course will make you challenge your loved ones to stay dry as you all play the games of splashing. You will be able to spring yourself from the 3-meter tall springboard with utmost thrill and joy.

Mega Adventure Singapore

The Mega adventure park is mainly known for the activities of Zipline, using its prefix “Mega” in every ride-MegaZip, MegaBounce, and MegaClimb. MegaZip is included in almost every other Mega ride featuring obstacle crossing, bouncing, and climbing. The 450 meters long zipline path makes you travel at a whopping speed of 60 kmph, making you witness the beauty of Sentosa island, lush rainforest, beautiful tree-tops, and mint waters. You can take your kid to enjoy it to the fullest by boarding Tandem Zip and bounce rides to experience the fun together.

Palawan Beach

Another popular beach situated on the southern coast of Sentosa island, Palawan beach is an apt place for enjoying swimming and is one of the most serene Sky Helix nearby attractions. This beach is accessible for free and can be reached very easily from any location on Sentosa Island. This slipper-shaped island is a popular staycation place and a hub of light playful activities and enjoyment. Besides the water activities, you can visit the restaurants like Bora Bora beach bar and club islander to eat the tastiest meal of your life. The amphitheater is located very near to this island and you can watch animal-bird shows to get yourself entertained.


How to reach Wings of Time?

  • By Train: Take a train to reach Beach View Road, Bikini Bar, Go Green Segway, Sentosa Beach Station, and Le Meridien Station. From there, walk about 6 minutes to reach this place.

  • By Bus: Board Bus number 123 or Bus A to reach Sky Helix Singapore from the city center.

  • By Underground Line: Take the North-East line to reach this place.

What is famous about Resort World Sentosa?

Resorts World Sentosa is famous due to its fun, leisure, and premium activities. This place spreads around 49 acres and encompasses 6 luxury hotels, Resorts World Convention Center, a casino, and 3 adventure theme parks- Adventure Cove Waterpark, S.E.A. Aquarium, and Dolphin Island.

What are the things to do in the mega adventure park Sentosa?

Here are some adventurous things to do in Singapore:- MegaZip: Riders start from the infamous Imbiah Hill, 75 meters above the ground level to start on this 450 meters long zipline. Once you start this activity, you can witness the beauty of Sentosa island including the magnificent rainforests, lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, and turquoise waters.

  • Mega Climb: Mega Climb is an add-on to the activity of MegaZip. A more adventurous and thrilling version of MegaZip, thrilling Mega Climb will make you perform obstacle crossing. Comprising a total of 3 levels, you will be able to cross 36 obstacles on the jungle of Imbiah hill with a great eucalyptus tree.

  • Mega Bounce: This infamous activity is a test of acrobatic skills as you will be able to spring up to 8 meters high in the sky. You will be assisted by an instructor with a Bungee assisted by a trampoline.

Why is Palawan beach so famous?

Palawan Beach is mostly known for swimming and playing activities. This beach has a calm atmosphere with turquoise water and white sands, offering a fun filled day with your loved ones.

What is the best time to visit iFly Singapore?

If you are planning to visit iFly, one of the most popular Sky Helix nearby attractions, the best time to visit is during the afternoon hours from 12:00 PM to 03:00 PM. This time is the least crowded making the experience more personalized and pleasurable.

Which are the best rides to experience in Adventure Cove Waterpark?

  • Dueling Racer: Just as the name suggests, this is a competitive racing ride in which you can compete with your loved one to prove yourself the best. For the two-person ride, this water slide needs you to be at least 105 centimeters tall. You can take a mat and slide down the water slide to experience the thrill and excitement.

  • Pipeline Plunge: Riding this fast and exciting thrilling adventure almost feels like dealing with a water tornado. The slide plunges you through the elevation with fun twists and turns before dropping you into the water with a big splash. Pipeline plunge has a weight restriction of about 115 kg and a minimum height of 122 cm.

  • Riptide Rocket: This is the first hydro coaster in Southeast Asia featuring thrilling climbs, rapid twists, and turns along plunging drops. The ride expects the minimum height to be 107 centimeters with a weight restriction of 115 kilograms.


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